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Data Analytics and Reporting Specialist

Job ID CCU3710 Date posted 07/13/2017 Department POPULATION HEALTH-C34 Home Department Pop Health-NP-121 Chanlon-SS7C34002

The Data Analytics and Reporting Specialistwill leverage their education and experience to analyze and explore data to identify trends and issues as guided by management. They will also produce report programs that are of an operational nature on both an ad-hoc and scheduled basis. The position will develop and deploy reporting solutions to optimize outcomes and increase value for clients of Summit Health Management. They will function as a subject matter expert on organizational data stores.

Job Functions:

Essential Job Functions:

  • Use database queries, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and other analytics techniques to discover, explore, document and present issues and trends from the organization's data store.
  • Develop and maintain ad-hoc and scheduled operational reports that assist management in effecting organizational change and incent better organizational outcomes.
  • Provide ad-hoc data support on complex subjects in an expedited manner.
    • Lead/participate in analytical investigations aimed at addressing specific business and/or clinical situations using data with an emphasis on identifying and interpreting trends.
    • Develop and make presentations that highlight the exploratory discoveries using a combination of visual and verbal techniques.
      • Resolve key data issues involving the quality and consistency of data for analytical purposes.
      • Develop and maintain T-SQL based procedures that pre-process and pre-summarize data to organize data for faster, easier, and repeatable use within reports.
      • Work with the database and data loading development team on an as-needed basis to influence the structure of database tables and indexes to better support the reporting needs.
      • Ability to independently:
        • Gather requirements from non-technical business & clinical workforce members
        • Synthesize requirements into a technical specification for development by technical resources

Technical Acumen:

  • Familiar with relational data structures, theories, principles, practices and data modeling.
  • At least 3 years of experience with Structured Query Language of some form is required. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL is preferred.
  • At least 3 years of experience with report development software that uses SQL queries to retrieve data and can produce tabular, chart, and/or graphic reports is required. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services "Report Builder" or "Visual Studio Report Projects" is preferred.
  • Experience with and proficiency with statistical programs such as, but not limited to, SPSSS, SAS, and Minitab is preferred.
  • Experience with and proficiency with analytics software such as, but not limited to, PowerBI, Qlik, Cognos, or Focus is preferred.
  • Experience working with structured & unstructured data, including data manipulation &/or mining is required.
  • Understand best practices in presenting and visualizing data in graphical and tabular formats
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office is required.

Leadership, Mentorship & Project Management:

  • Lead large projects associated with ongoing development of data and data services
  • Responsible for managing new projects independently
  • Participate as a key team member in organizational projects
  • Function as a consultant on organization projects with domain knowledge around data, data sources, the data platform and analytics
  • Provide mentorship to other members of the data analytics and IT team through coaching, mentoring, and acting as a positive role model
  • Act as a coach and mentor for subject matter experts on the data, data platforms and data analytics
  • Act as a consultant and subject matter expert within the organization and at meetings related to data analytics team
  • Participate as an active member and subject matter expert within the data governance process

Process Improvement:

  • Actively identify opportunities for improvement within the functional area of data analytics and data management and suggest modifications
  • Identify opportunities, deficiency or gaps in data models within the organization
  • Take ownership of identified gaps, propose, revise and execute changes to process (remove for Jr. position)



  • Minimum of 5 years of progressive experience in a report writing, data analyst, or business intelligence analyst role.
  • A minimum of 3 years spent working directly with a current version of SQL providing data management, query development and creating ETL processes. Minimum 3 years of experience with Microsoft SQL Server (SQL, ), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) including VB.NET and C#.NET scripting tasks and components.
  • A minimum of 2 years experience building and developing solutions using analytics software such as, but not limited to, PowerBI, Qlik, Cognos, or Focus.
  • Familiarity with statistical programs such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Statistical Analysis System (SAS), and Minitab is a plus
  • Familiarity with Microsoft R Open, or older versions of the "R" programming language is a plus
  • Experience working with structured and unstructured data, including data manipulation and/or mining
  • Familiar with relational data structures, theories, principles & practices
  • 1+ years of experience performing technical writing is a plus



  • Bachelor's Degree or Relevant experience


  • Data Management & Analytics, Data Platform or BI certifications
  • Project Management, Lean Six Sigma or other business certifications a plus

Contribution Level:

  • Active member in creating, managing and maintaining the data governance process.
  • Key subject matter expert in conjunction with leadership, consultants and business strategy in developing sustainable data architecture.
  • Identify process that requires improvement, present improvement plan, revise plan based on feedback and manage implementation of change

Physical / Mental Job Requirements:

  • Physical mobility, which includes movement from place to place on the job, taking distance and speed into account
  • Dexterity of hands and fingers
  • Endurance (e.g. continuous typing, walking)
  • Concentration/ intensity, which includes prolonged mental effort with limited opportunity for breaks
  • Memory, taking into consideration the amount and type of information
  • Multi - tasking, organizing & priority setting


Other requirements:

  • Standard Office Equipment Use (Phone, Fax, Copy Machine, Scanner, Email, Voice Mail)
  • Standard Office Technology in a Windows based environment
  • Ability to communicate accurately and clearly both orally and in writing
  • Strong customer service skills and a "can do" approach to work
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities, and manage multiple duties simultaneously
  • Superior organizational skills and accuracy
  • Excellent problem solving and people skills




  • Occasional travel between SMG locations/main campus and satellites may be required for meeting purposes. Valid driver's license required.


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